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The Jefferson Pain Clinic: Pain & Rehab Center

ASC at the JPRC sets the standard of care for pain management in Pittsburgh. When you think of pain management, we hope you think of ASC at the JPRC first. While many physicians think of a pain center as the last resort for their patients, many advances have accrued in the last five to ten years in pain management. We are the only true independent comprehensive pain center in our region. Because of the ASC at the JPRC’s status as an independent pain center you may not be aware of our center or our mission.

The goal of effective spine care is to provide pain relief and facilitate return to function as soon as possible, ideally in a conservative, cost-effective fashion. If early conservative care fails to treat the problem effectively, an orderly approach to additional workup and treatment is desired to reduce the risk of chronic pain or disability. A multidisciplinary pain center approach offers a variety of treatment options, including medications, diagnostic workup, physical therapy, non-surgical interventional procedures under fluoroscopy, and/or surgical intervention. By evaluating and coordinating an effective rehabilitation program in a timely manner, we are able to reduce the patient’s anxiety and stress caused by their pain, eliminate excessive interventional therapies, and possibly prevent surgery. ASC at the JPRC is able to fulfill these goals and serve your needs by having Board Certified Pain Physicians and staff who are devoted exclusively to advanced pain management.