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Dear Dr. Lee:

I om  writing  this letter on behalf  of  my  aunt  who because  of  failing eyesight  hos a difficult time  writing. My aunt is Frances  Kirkpatrick and she sees  you at the Centerville Clinic.

Frances used to go to the hospital at least every 2 weeks or so, to go get shots for the pain in her back. Since you started treating her it hos been 8 months since she hos hod severe pain in her shoulder, back and legs.

It is a great comfort to her family knowing she is receiving such good care. Frances speaks very highly not only of  your medical ability but  of  your kindness and  also of making  your  patients  feel at ease.

God bless you as your endeavor to relieve people of their pain.

Frances Kirkpatrick

To  Whom  It Moy Concern:

I am writing to explain my recent experience  with back  pain and  Dr. Lee. I am not aware of  how  I injured my bock, but  the  pain  was excruciating.  Even the  smallest  activity caused  me  extreme  discomfort.

Eventually  I was unable to  get out of bed.

I had begun seeing a group of orthopedic surgeons who gave me every test and x-ray imaginable. Their examinations consisted of the  doctor standing across the room, asking me  questions and not toking the time to really listen to me. By the time I was taking several Percocet a day without relief. After several months my pain had not improved, the tests I took were all normal and my  frustration level had soared.

My daughter was aware of Dr. Lee’s reputation and suggested that I see him. My first appointment was amazing. Dr. Lee was the first doctor to actually touch my back and hips looking for the  origin of my pain. He took his time during the examination and listened to my complaints and concerns. That first day, he gave me several injections in my low back and gave me a list of exercises to do. Two days later I was almost pain free. I was able to get out of bed without crawling and felt that I had my life back.

If I know anyone is in pain, I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lee. He is truly a compassionate and coring  doctor, not to  mention  a miracle worker.

Donna Gresh

To Whom  It May Concern:

This letter of recommendation is to give credit and appreciation for Dr. Lee’s excellent performance in diagnosing and treating my left shoulder, neck, head, lower back, post traumatic myofascitis in the neck. Local injection therapy gives good relief of pain. Dr. Lee cannot be praised enough I recommend his service to people living with pain. He is a genius and he is caring in treating patients.

Ronald Russin

Dear Dr. Lee,

My name is Tammie Rearick. I am a 31 year old wife and mother of 2. I have had on and off bouts of migraines as Jong as I can remember. Doctors say there is no cause for my migraines, therefore, no cure. J thought that I would have to live with the excruciating pain far the rest of my life. This last episode was by far the worst. It started around the beginning of December and never went away. There were days I didn’t think I could get out of bed. I had a 18 month old son to take care of and had no choice but to drag myself out of bed. I went to several specialists to find out if anything could be done. I was even diagnosed with a small tumor on my pituitary gland; however, was assured that the tumor was not the cause of my migraines. I had tried every migraine medication with no luck. It didn’t even lessen my pain. Finally, I made an appointment   with Dr. Lee. He was my last hope. I went to him in May of the   following year. had endured a 5 month long migraine and I couldn’t do it another day. Dr. Lee “injected” his miracle medicine in through my nose and within 10 minutes the migraine was completely qone!!! I couldn’t believe it. Since then, I have gone back for 2 more treatments, and am happy to say, haven’t had a migraine  since.   I tell everyone  I know about  Dr.  Lee.  He is o  true  gift to  all who suffer  from headaches and migraines. What do you hove to  lose? Why  go through off  of that  pain and  misery when  you can see Dr. Lee and  it’s  gone in 10 minutes.  This is the  most effective  treatment  against  migraine  pain- hands down. Thank  you Dr. Lee!!!

Tammie Rearick

To Whom  ft May Concern:

This letter is not only a letter of recommendation for Dr. Lee, but  a letter of sincere appreciation.  If it had not been for him, I still shudder at the thought, of  where I  would be physically  and emotionally today.  If it had not been for the excellent medical attention, and his compassion for my injuries.

I do not even want to remember the daily pain I was experiencing. I am truly thankful  for the help he has given me in dealing and coping with my limitations in my daily life. Dr. Lee has always listened to me, and always gave the best possible medical attention. I appreciate, the time he gave me, his sincere compassion, and most of all his professionalism.

Linda Yost

To Whom  It May Concern:

My problems go back to 1969. I have had and still do to this day··· have many sinus headaches and numerous sinus infections. I also suffer with migraine headaches which also can be very severe. I average sinus headaches at least 1-2 x a week. Cold weather increases this condition.  I have tried over-the­ caunter drugs or medicine with little relief.

Today, I had suffered with a severe sinus headache. The doctor treated me with a nasal spray which quickly gave me relief from pain and cleared open the nasal passages.. – making it easier to breathe.

Duane Dewitt

Dear Sir,

I was a passenger in a truck. I was wearing the seat belt then out of nowhere, a car struck the rear of the truck, throwing me forward twisting me on the seat belt. I suffered shoulder and back injury resulting in severe pain.

I knew Dr. Lee having worked with him ot an outpatient clinic. I am a nurse, or wos, as I am now retired.

Because of Dr. Lee’s treatment ond therapy I am now feeling much better. I am stiff receiving treatment and will continue to do so.

Mildred Zekar, RN

Dear Dr. Lee,

Your medical service that you provided for me has been and is extraordinary and very thoughtful. I shall never forget the kindness and positive support given by you and all of your staff for the successfully implanted spinal stimulation system that culminated into a pain-free lower back and left leg far me. For the rest of my life I will remember you with sincere gratitude for the freedom I now have from that pain of stenosis.

Lloyd W. Pumphrey Jr.

To Whom  It May Concern:

This letter of recommendation is to give credit and appreciation for Dr. Lee’s excellent performance in diagnosing and treating my very painful joints such as my visit and  knees, back, and  feet. Just my  whole body in general I have suffered  pain for the  last 5  years. Since Dr. Lee has treated my condition. I now have been able to function without pain. I have had several  doctors who examined  me,  and  gave me  no relief  at  all or help. Dr. Lee cannot be  praised enough.  Any chance  I can  I highly recommend  his services to  people living  with daily  pain.  He is a genius and a very caring doctor in treating  his patients.

PS: Thanks to  Dr. Lee I was able to write this.

Joann Varesko

Dear Sir,

A farm accident caused  injury to  my neck  and  back. The resulting  pain comprised  my  life to  a  pain that  I was  unable  to  walk  or sleep.  Life -living  was  hell.  My  primary  doctor  referred  me to  Dr.  Lee.  His diagnosis and treatment has now made life bearable. Without Or. Lee’s therapy I would have become  an invalid.  May  I take this opportunity  to  say “Thank you”.

Ron Cole